Our CTO shares his thoughts on what employee engagement means to him

Dan shares his "why" as he joins the Space HR team

Dan July 22, 2021
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For the last 20 years, I've been designing, building, supporting and managing technology and software teams in organisations ranging from tiny startups through to major multinational companies. Some of those companies are "tech" companies and some are major brands for whom technology, although key to their success, is not their main value. With diverse experience in industries from logistics, through multi-national telecommunications, "generalist" tech giants and human capital management, even my time working in online dating has helped me spot some similarities; as a tech leader something I've always found hard is recruiting, retaining and motivating the high calibre talent that my teams have really needed to succeed.

I know I'm not alone in this. No matter what industry you're in or what your team's area of expertise is, I'm sure that as a leader you've experienced similar challenges. It always boils down to the same thing: good, skilled staff are hard to find and always have plenty of options elsewhere. If you're not their employer of choice, why would they want to work with or for your organisation? If they don't want to work with your organisation, why would you expect them to stay?

Why would you stay?

Any half-way decent book on modern management will tell you that diversity is a great thing. It helps teams to uncover solutions that they wouldn't have thought about without those differing viewpoints. It helps to build a stronger team as individuals bring their own unique strengths to complement the areas where others may struggle. It even helps individuals to grow, learn new skills and develop themselves in ways they wouldn't otherwise have.

With that diverse team comes differing drivers, differing needs and differing ways of thinking and working. You may know why you love what you do, but do you truly know what motivates your team (and potential future team)?

Maybe you do. Maybe you don't need any help from employee engagement experts like Space HR.

After years of searching, I've come to realise that the people I need to make sure my team succeeds aren't all like me. And I don't want or need them to be either. To hire, retain and excite the diverse talent my teams needed, I've had to reach them and satisfy their needs in ways that, personally, don't always motivate or drive me. The key to making sure that those teams continue to perform at their best has always been in ensuring that the team's voices are heard and understood, taking actions to make sure that even the quietest of colleagues is properly listened to.

Among the many reasons I wanted to join Space HR was the opportunity to help teams to hear the voices inside.

Space HR's employee engagement experts are able to provide amazing guidance to clients. In order to make sure that support is the best possible for their clients' teams, we have to do everything we can to provide even the quietest person a way to give crucial feedback. Underpinned by our employee promise, the technology that my tech team is delivering on every day is built with anonymity and safety in mind to make sure that safe space is provided, respected and guaranteed, in a way that is most convenient for those clients' team members.

We're reaching those team members in ways that nobody else can and making sure that they have a safe way to express themselves easily, honestly and openly.

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