The Space HR platform does the hard work for you. Powered by WhatsApp & SMS, it delivers an engaging experience for employees and leaders.

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Feedback via WhatsApp & SMS

Your employees use their mobile messaging app to offer their feedback. All questions are sent directly from a business WhatsApp number and responses are delivered back in the Space HR platform.

Listen, respond and engage

Our platform lets your leaders to see responses in real-time and allows them respond directly to feedback via the Space HR Inbox. All answers are sent anonymously to ensure that feedback remains honest.

Your leaders can see quickly how their surveys are performing and the results can be viewed on the dashboard. Once complete, a wrap-up report can be quickly sent out to your employees to complete the feedback loop.

Reporting that delivers results

Insights Dashboard

View eNPS scores, segment your data, track trends over time, and plan your next actions. Ensure you're on track for greatness.

Wrap-up Report

Share selected insights with your team in a few clicks. Collate insightful comments and important engagement scores to demonstrate that feedback is being heard.

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Mobile First

Our entire platform is built with the user in mind. Employees and leaders enjoy a mobile first experience straight out of the box.


Hosted on AWS

The security of your data is paramount. As such our platform hosting is provided by AWS using the London data centre.


Built to Scale

Whether you're a company of 15 or 15,000, our platform is designed to scale to your requirements for growth.



We take data privacy very seriously. We comply with all GDPR and DPA 2018 regulations, and will support our customers and users wherever possible.

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Make engagement your new habit

Companies of all shapes and sizes are engaging more with their people through the Space HR platform

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