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A simple monthly fee covers both the platform and our services

An easy way to get feedback

We combine technology, support and resources for HR professionals and business leaders to gain incredible insight. We’ve built a product that’s really easy to build into your current framework and delivers feedback from day one.


Enjoy every feature of the Space HR feedback platform, powered by WhatsApp & SMS

Regular Feedback

Set and send regular eNPS pulse surveys and full engagement surveys in a few clicks


Access survey questions, communication templates, and feedback reports to make your life easier

Customer Success

Set-up, onboarding, insights sessions and action planning to guarantee success

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Answering questions and giving feedback over WhatsApp was awesome! We've done staff surveys before, but this was so much more enjoyable.
Alicia — BEAM employee


BEAM achieved 100% survey completion using WhatsApp

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We work with you to make sure the technology performs

The annual employee survey no longer works for many organisations. The quality of feedback is poor, the process is too slow and the employee experience is dull.

We know what works. We collect high quality feedback from your employees over WhatsApp & SMS. Your team provide feedback anonymously from their phones in their own time. This builds trust and improves response rates.

We'll hold you to account. Our team makes sure feedback surveys happen on time, results are delivered and action is taken.

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Make engagement your new habit

Companies of all shapes and sizes are engaging more with their people through the Space HR platform

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