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Creating incredible workplaces through highly engaged teams

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Victoria Bond

With over 15 years experience in high growth and ambitious businesses, Victoria Bond established Space HR to build a new style of employee engagement.

Having seen disengaging employee surveys and poorly executed action plans in other businesses, Victoria saw the opportunity to build something different and make a real impact with an action focused approach.

Victoria’s mission is to help as many businesses as possible ‘Create incredible workplaces through highly engaged teams’, underpinned by her values of Engagement, Outcomes, Innovation and Inclusion.

Space HR works with clients to find practical solutions for visible improvement to deliver employee engagement on a grand scale.

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Alec Middleton

Alec has worked in marketing, sales and technology businesses for nearly 20 years and has joined Space HR to help build the product and proposition.

Having built his own digital marketing agency with a team of 20 staff, Alec recognised that great companies are built by great people that bring energy, ideas and skills to the table. Keeping that great team engaged and motivated to build a positive culture is a challenge that companies need to embrace if they intend to grow.

“Using great technology will enable a consistent and measured approach to employee engagement. Joining Space HR, I’m excited to help build and deliver a platform that empowers teams and transforms businesses of all shapes and sizes”


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